Damp Proofing Treatment Services In Portsmouth

Damp Proofing Services

Damp Proofing Services In Portsmouth and West Sussex

D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd specialises in delivering thorough and professional damp proofing services to our clients throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. Damp proofing is an essential factor in keeping the floors and walls of your home free of damp and ensuring that your property remains in good condition. Decayed skirting boards and timber floors, defective and salt-stained plaster, discolouration and staining, peeling paint, and wallpaper are all common when walls are affected by rising damp.

Damp Causes and Types

Penetrating Damp

The main reason why building materials biodegrade is that they are affected by water. It is fundamental to the preservation and maintenance of all buildings that they remain as watertight as their design will allow. Dampness is caused by a variety of factors such as water ingress, bridging of DPC, blocked cavities, excess moisture, and improper ventilation. The main types of damp we assist with and guard against include penetrating damp, rising damp, and condensation dampness. Penetrating damp occurs when moisture passes through the ceiling, wall, and floor of your home, often as the result of plumbing defects or roof leaks. Penetrating damp is harmful to any plaster, timber, and joinery. Basement areas are known to suffer from this dampness, due to being on the ground where higher pressures of dampness are present.

Rising Damp

Condensation Damp

Rising damp occurs when there is no effective barrier between the ground, or if the DPC has perished, allowing moisture from the ground to seep into the masonry and creep up into the plaster. Condensation dampness occurs in areas with poor ventilation and is characterised by the inability of water vapour to escape the property. This vapour then causes water droplets to appear on colder surfaces such as walls and windows, leading to a dark mould and musty smell.

Damp Proofing Treatments

D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd strives to use the latest techniques to ensure the effectiveness of your damp proofing, guaranteeing that your home will remain free of any dampness and moisture for years to come. Our team will conduct an extensive free, no obligation survey of your home to assess your needs based on its structure, age, and the nature of the dampness. Following this examination, our damp proofing specialists will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your property and will work to carry out this treatment according to the highest standards.

Wall Tie Replacements and Crack Repairs In Portsmouth

The dedicated team at D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd can carry out professional wall tie replacement and crack repair in Hampshire and West Sussex. Our extensive experience along with our keen eye for detail allows us to guarantee that each service is carried out according to the highest standards of quality. We offer 15-year guarantees on all Wall Tie Replacement works carried out for your added peace of mind.

Wall Tie Replacements In Portsmouth

Wall Crack Repairs In Portsmouth

Wall ties are used to join the two sections of a cavity wall together to ensure a solid, stable structure. While it may be hard to determine the extent of wall tie damage, horizontal cracks in outer walls is usually an indication that the wall ties of your property may need replacing. Other signs can include:
  • Rendering and masonry cracks
  • Bulging or bowing walls
  • Damaged or separated window reveals

With several years of industry experience, our professional team can replace and repair a variety of wall ties. Following the inspections, our team will determine the appropriate approach and techniques to prevent any damage from escalating further and will carry out an efficient repair service that guarantees the structural integrity of your walls.
Over time, all buildings are subject to natural or physical movement. This movement, along with additional factors that may include corrosion and the freeze/thaw cycle, can cause cracks in the walls of buildings, which may leave the property in an unsafe condition. D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd can provide cost-effective crack repair in Hampshire and West Sussex to fix any unsightly cracks and restore the structural integrity of your building.

Following thorough inspections, we will develop an appropriate repair plan based on your property and the severity of the cracks and will endeavour to carry out the work using our experienced operatives.

Wet and Dry Rot Treatment In Portsmouth

Wet rot and dry rot occurs when the timber of a property has prolonged contact with moisture and is prevalent in areas with poor ventilation such as basements and sub-flooring. These types of rot are among the leading causes of timber deterioration and are often the result of defective pipework, leaking gutters, and rising damp.

At D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd, we specialise in carrying out affordable, effective wet rot and dry rot treatments throughout Hampshire and West Sussex to ensure the structural integrity of your property. Following thorough inspections, our treatment specialists will find a rot treatment plan for your timber and will use their experience to deliver a treatment guaranteed to rid your wood of any rot.

Wet Rot Treatment In Portsmouth

Dry Rot Treatment In Portsmouth

Our wet rot treatments involve free, through surveys to determine the extent of wet rot in your property. Following the inspection, our team will present you with a transparent, no obligations quote, and a treatment option. Each treatment involves the identification and elimination of the moisture ingress and the removal and replacement of any affected timbers. We also ensure that the surrounding and replacement timber is treated with a preservative mixture to prevent any future wet rot from occurring. Like with our wet rot treatments, our dry rot treatments involve a detailed inspection of the affected area to determine the degree of dry rot in your timber, as well as which treatments should be applied. Our dry rot treatment includes the eradicating any source of moisture and removing the affected food source timbers to prevent any further spreading of the fungus. We then take care to remove any visible growth and apply a safe chemical treatment to the remaining and replacement timber to form a protective barrier.

Plastering and Associated Building Works In Portsmouth - Auxilliary Services

In addition to our dedicated treatment services, D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd also offers a wide range of plastering and associated building services to clients in Hampshire and West Sussex. Each member of our expert workforce has extensive experience in providing professional building service according to superior standards. We will work with you to understand you need from all areas of our services and will work tirelessly to ensure we meet these needs with a high-quality, all-encompassing service.

Plastering Services In Portsmouth

The team of plastering specialists at D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd take great pride in delivering a careful, precise plastering service. We have experience in all types of plastering and can carry out plastering work following any of our treatment services. Our plastering services include:
  • Wet Plastering
  • Rendering
  • Skimming
  • Dry Lining
  • Floor Screeding
  • External Rendering

We will conduct a thorough survey to determine your exact plastering needs and will provide you with a competitive, transparent quote, and a high-quality service carried out according to superior standards.

Damp Proofing Treatment Services

Our home preservation services are carried out by our trained and accredited team at highly competitive rates to your exact needs and specifications. Our treatments come with a 10-15-year guarantee, and our no-obligation surveys are carried out free of charge. We also endeavour to provide you with a detailed report and quotation for any works required. To find out more, contact us today.

D Gates Specialist Treatments Ltd

Our surveyor has over 25 years of industry experience and uses the knowledge gained from this experience in each inspection he carries out. We are dedicated to delivering a good service that exceeds your expectations.

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